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In case you guys are feeling the holiday burn, we're always here to help.  Did you know that you can ask us any question about our product on the web, via the "message us" pop up in the lower right hand corner?!?!?  Size, color, fit, you name it.  Did you also know that we will gift wrap and ship for free?!?! (just send us a note about the gift wrap)  The last day for on time shipping is December 15th....so let's get busy!

December 05, 2016 by Christine Reyhons


 The Ruby Slipper prides itself on being environmentally conscious. This Earth Day we have teamed up with BlueJeansGoGreen to turn recycled denim into housing insulation for those in need.

Founded in 2006, BlueJeansGoGreen began when New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Through their partnership with UltraTouch denim insulation, BlueJeansGoGreen provided insulation to multiple Habitat for Humanity projects in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Mississippi. The UltraTouch insulation is composed of 85% of recycled cotton fibers. It is environmentally safe. It also resists mold and mildew, and has 30% better sound absorption. 

Over 25 Billion pounds of textile ends up in the landfill every year. By recycling worn denim into UltraTouch insulation, BlueJeansGoGreen, helps keeps textile waste out of the landfills. To date, BlueJeansGoGreen has collected over one million pieces of denim. Recycling denim is the end-use example of how the cotton industry continues to make environmental gains across all life cycle phases.

Do your part this Earth Day and instead of throwing your old blue’s out…recycle your denim with us and save money on new jeans! As a Thank You from us to you, for every pair of jeans contributed we will give you $25 OFF a new pair of jeans!   




April 22, 2016 by Victoria Perez

Spring Denim Made Easy

The world of denim is a bit mind boggling this season; but lucky for you, we're here to help.  In no particular order:

* White denim is a neutral and can be worn ANY time of year

* Get a pair of distressed jeans

* Raw hems are cool

* A 10" rise is NOT a mom's jean

* The hippest new jean is the cropped flare

* Denim and denim can be worn together

* Skinnys are a basic

* Flares are the new bootcut

* Distressed denim is not just a "young" trend

* Lighten up

* Denim is important in skirts and dresses

* Denim's muse right now are the 70's and early 80's



March 02, 2016 by Christine Reyhons

Denim Diversion

So I thought I was going to sit down and write something about last years denim versus the new denim trends this spring (I guess I'll get to that later), but got completely diverted.  As I was surfing the web, getting inspiration and channeling the blues, I came across a VOGUE photograph of Pharrell and some random model in the same denim jacket.

Of course I had to stop and read closer.  So apparently Pharrell is the new co-owner of the Dutch brand G-Star.  Which, blah blah blah.  But what was more appealing about this schtick was Pharrell's style and design credentials talked about in this article.

Now, you won't admit it (but I will)....I love Pharrell on The Voice.   Always constructive feedback, a NICE guy to the contestants, and just COOL laid back fashion.  And I am talking about a DUDE.  Far cooler than Adam, frankly.  (poser)  

Pharrell knows how to rock some denim.  Which by the way, can be both top and bottom as long as they are not the identical color.  He will wear vintage.  He is not a slave to any one brand.  And I think the biggest, biggest cool thing about Pharrell and his denim wearin', rock swagger, is that THE MAN KNOWS HOW TO ACCESSORIZE.  Yes, still talking about a man.  Which for even a woman, is hard to get a handle on.  Hats, belts, watches, leather cuffs, rings, necklaces.  He will never end up looking like an 80's hair band member, he knows the right amount.  He knows how to dress up a t-shirt, rock a loafer, when to cuff, overall innate ability.  He reminds me of a black Marlon Brando :)

And for all of these reasons, he is my most recent, fashion celebrity crush!  

(got one?)

February 24, 2016 by Christine Reyhons

The Nose Knows

Why is it when people ask Midwesterners which season they love the most, 80 percent of the time they respond, fall.  I think the reason goes beyond the cozy sweaters hiding those 5 extra pounds, and college football (go Hawks). I believe it has more to do with the feeling that fall brings with it.  

 Let's face it, the rest of our five senses lose out to our nose from about October to January 1st.  The changing seasons, harvests, chilling air, a fresh wreath, and the fact of 3 major holidays within 60 days kind of commands the attention of that thing sticking out from our face.  Sixty days of our nose reliving memories and making new ones simply from its uncanny ability of the "association game."  Thanksgiving pie that your mom made, cider mulling on the stove at your bff's house, or your family ritual of cutting down your own tree.  And of course there are those forced scents and memories that come in the form of candles.

Cue the candles.

Yep.  When you think about the reason for today's candles, I believe it is to choose one that is personal to you, that evokes the feeling that makes you happy through the memories associated with scent.  Too deep for candles, maybe.  But there is reason that one person falls in love with "tobacco road" and another finds it repulsive.  Candles that are personal to you.  Candles that you light, and their scent simply and purely make you happy.

Cue the Homestead Candles.

There are candles and then there are candles.  Some are mass produced and some are still hand poured.  Hand poured.  In a small town in Mississippi.  And we found them.  They are made with care and love, and from people who have their own memories acciated with this growing company.  They are sold in the likes of Anthropology and Crate and Barrel.  We will proudly be offering 7 scents in two beautiful vessels.  Scents that will evoke happiness and memories, and maybe help create new ones :)

And what a perfect season to find them. 




November 22, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

Chill in the Air

Finally, for the last few nights, it has dipped into the 40's.  Summer has lingered and lingered, and I think I  speak for many clothes hounds, I am ready to wear sweaters and coats!  As I have said many times over, who doesn't love hot cocoa, bonfires, sweaters, and football?  I DO!!!

Welllll,,,,,I actually know a group of people who have hoped for the continuation of lingering summer.  Our nation's homeless population.   In the United States, 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.  The fastest growing segment of this number, are families.  23% of these people are U.S. veterans.  Unless we have walked a mile in their shoes, we should not try to understand what this feels like.  We should not pass judgement, or look the other way.  (Unless you are the panhandler on my corner who probably makes more money than I do and just got new rims on his car that is parked every day by the dumpster and eats McDonalds and smokes cigarettes)  We all should do whatever we can to help, no matter how small it seems.

So while I am planning my Iowa Hawkeye bonfire, complete with my flatscreen and s'mores and blankies and cocoa......I need to think about the family who doesn't know where they are going to sleep or how they will keep warm.  And not to get too deep here, but sometimes I think about my career choices in life, and how they really mean nothing.   All I can do at this stage of the game is volunteer, spread compassion, and donate both time and goods.

Today The Ruby Slipper begins a week long partnership with Humility of Mary Shelter in Davenport, IA. With every gently used coat that we receive to donate, you will receive 20% off a new coat.  AND, because I am feeling giving, the more you bring, we may just give you a discount on something else too!  Honestly guys, cold weather is around the corner, and the shelter has shared with us that they need XL sweatshirts and or coats badly.  (But nothing will be turned away).

We thank you.  Spread love.

October 15, 2015 by Christine Reyhons


All of us at The Ruby Slipper take this denim game very seriously.  I was doing some calculating the other day, and we have over 26 years (yes you read that correctly) of experience, fitting the best denim to your booty.

So with this number comes great responsibility, and I want you to know that I just spent the last two hours on the "googles" trying to update myself on the latest fibers and cuts and causes and celebrities and fits and washes and ways to wear, of every brand that we have coming in for fall!  Holy Lord, fix me a cocktail!

Here's what I know.  Every brand is known for something.  And every body is made for a different type of denim.  It is our responsibility to find the perfect jean that makes you feel confident and comfortable.  Whether it be Paige Denim, with their comfort waistband and the first woman founder of a premium denim line, or Adriano Goldschmied with their socially responsible production and sourcing guidelines, or Joe's Jeans with their resilience and material improvements to rise to the top again, or DL1961 with their fast track stardom and 4-way stretch, or Blank NYC as they're flipping you off yelling, "we have just as good of denim at a much lower price".....The Ruby Slipper has a jean for you.

We have skinnies, straights, boyfriends, flares, boots, greys, blacks, distressed, and blues all delivering this month.  Our staff educates themselves on the rise, the inseam, the leg opening, and the knee width....all to make YOUR life easier!

Now we understand that the quest for that perfect pair of jeans can be daunting, and it takes a real commitment once you take the plunge (bras and swimsuits rank right up there in the same catagory of fun).  But guess what, the girls at The Ruby Slipper are going to save you from drowning!  Hooray!!! So come see us, or call us, or even set up a personal fitting when the store is normally closed.....we are at your disposal.  The last thing we want, is for you to have the denim blues! :)


August 31, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

The Lure of the Dress

Why do girls wear dresses?  Way back in history, dress wearing originally had to do with religion, views about barbaric cultures, health concerns, and an illustration of abundance and wealth.  

Fast forward to 2015.  These days, during the warm summer months, there are as many dresses being worn as shorts.  These are carefree and casual.  They move gently in the breeze.  Their outings are barbecues, farmer's markets, music festivals, and days at the beach.  There is not one element of pretentiousness.  Bare arms and legs, sex appeal couldn't be more demure.  Mini or maxi, tall or short, they all have their place.

The summer dress has partners in crime....layered necklaces, flip flops, wedges, sunglasses, and maybe even a fake (or real) tattoo.

I often wonder if men are jealous.  After all, they wore skirts first.  (Mel Gibson in Braveheart).  I think men want to wear dresses; we wanted to wear pants.  And I think we will see more dresses.  Because really, they're great. THERE'S NOTHING TO MATCH.  I guess fashion equality should go both ways.

Ready for your input.......

June 23, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

Summer Essentials

Well, as the temperature rises above 90 here in the midwest, I guess it's safe to say summer is finally here.  The question is,,,,,,is your wardrobe ready?!?!?!  Our mission is to make your life easier, so if there are some definite voids off the list below, come see us (and fast!).  We don't want you looking all "LY" at your friends BBQ or any one of the many music fest in the midwest!  Here we go - - - - -

1. Boyfriend jean - preferably light denim and with destruction.  Everyone has their own level of "holy tolerance", but stick your toe in the water please.

2. Wedges - what's great about wedges this year, and what seems to be the ongoing trend for spring 2016, is that there is barely any pitch to the elevation!  So the balls of your feet don't hurt; just uber long legs to pair with the next staple, FLARES.

3. Flares - I didn't say bootcuts, I said flares!  Higher waist, and wonderful, proportionately wide, flare bottoms.  Ideal for summer in a light color and with two front patch pockets.  And please don't show us anything more than those perfectly pedicured toes (your color choice), underneath those flares.  For more guidelines on this, read our last blog.

4. Sneakers - cool sneakers are the way of the future.  I'm not talking about those Nikes that you wear with your workout gear.,,,,,I mean the kind that completes a cool denim look or possibly joggers.

5. Birkenstocks - there is not a more universal trend that is happening right now!  Young and old, the 150 year old company couldn't be more popular.  Simply a must have for summer......and for fall, actually.  Choose the more streamlined Gizeh or chunkier, Arizona.  The key is to not look like circa 1980 when wearing them (yes, another one of our blogs).

6. Summer dress - cool and flowing, capped sleeve or sleeveless, solid or print.....not a lot of rules here, just have one!  Dresses have become a summer staple because they are cool, easy to pack, and there's nothing to match.  It's just you and your dress!

Of course, there's other things you should have, but these are some core items.  Sunglasses, something turquoise, hoops, adhesive tattoos (maybe), sunscreen, and the list goes on......  Stop in, we'll get you ready for your next summer weekend or vacation!  






June 10, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

Dare to Flare

For all of us that worship at the altar of the ever flattering, ever versatile skinny jean (myself included), what I am about to tell you may come as a bit of a shock. The fashion forecast for 2015 has a markedly retro look, a 70’s inspired revival of sorts. And with that in mind, fashions newest ‘IT’ jean has a distinctly retro feel as well. Witness the rebirth of that Partridge Family favorite: the FLARE!

Ok, deep breath, now that you have overcome the initial shock, let’s talk about styling. When styled incorrectly, flares can have a tendency to look costume-y. Proportion is everything, and the key here is balance. So to keep your look updated, I recommend pairing your flares with some of springs other big fashion trends:

Cropped Tops: Wait! Don’t tune out just yet. You can wear a cropped top with flares without the aid of a personal trainer. This season’s flared denim has a much higher rise, so that ideally, your top should hit just at the waistband of your flares, meaning you don’t need six-pack abs to rock a cropped silhouette. Both fitted and boxier shapes work well, just be sure that your top doesn’t hit too far below the waist to avoid looking sloppy or adding too much volume.

Wedges: Flared jeans look best when styled with high-soled shoes, they just don’t hold the same fashion-girl appeal when paired with flats, and this is where platform shoes or wedges come into play. When pairing your flares with a chunky wedge shoe, make sure that the hem of your flares ends a bit above the soles of your shoes to avoid looks sloppy, or worse, footless! Ideally, your shoes should be peeking out just a smidge from the hem of your flares. An added bonus of this trend is that the combination of higher-waist pants and chunky heels will give the illusion of legs that go on for miles, which is something that this short-legged girl can definitely get on board with!

So go ahead, and give your skinnies a well-deserved break. And if you need some more inspiration before you make the leap into flares, look no further than the supermarket check-out line. Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, and Katie Holmes are all are seen regularly rocking some flared denim. So dare to flare, you won’t be sorry you did! This is definitely a fashion trend that has legs.

May 18, 2015 by Christine Reyhons