Blogs.  Such a bizarre thing to me.  Everyone is a blogger.  Everyone is an influencer.  I started "blogging" because I was told it was good for business.  It was painful and forced, and frankly I thought stupid, because everyone out there had pretty much the same thing to say.  Needless to say, I stopped.

Two months ago we hired someone new,,,,younger, and she told me that my blogs were good and that I should start doing them again.  Ugh.  Really Sara?  Of course I have sat on my hands for two weeks now, but I guess today is the day.  (It might be my brunch mimosas talking, but I'll run with that)

First of all, I refuse to call these blogs from here on out.  I will reference them as journals.  They will not always be about fashion or beauty, possibly just life.  I will try to have their focus be something that makes you feel better, inner strength, living life more beautifully.  I will probably share some very personal photographs that might not be the best business choice, but that is not what this exercise is about.  I want my journals to be personal.  You can choose to read them or not.

It seems to me that Mother's Day is a good place to start.  We are a women's business, our audience is mostly women, many of us are mothers, we all have or had a mother, and to me, there is no greater love than a mother's.  

Yesterday I had the pleasure of traveling to Waterloo, Iowa to spend the day with my grandmother, mother, aunts, nieces, and one sister.   You see some goofy pictures, but it is so much more than that. (And yes, I forced my giant son to go, so you see that too!) These women have raised children, experienced tragedy, continue to live life gracefully, and are beautiful themselves.  The ages range from 9 to 94.  They have lived through wars, the Great Depression, the loss of a spouse and father, cancer, divorce, etc etc.  In the photos the great grandchildren or grandchildren to some, are pampering with manicures and back rubs.  These children are definitely being raised properly; they realize this is clearly a mom's weekend!

I believe what gets women through the obstacles in life, is laughter and sisterly love. (hopefully also illustrated in these photos)  If you don't have a network now, get one.  Trust me, you'll need it.  Take care of one another.  That is inner beauty. So enjoy this beautiful Sunday, and hold a sister tight.



May 14, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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