......I realize the thing to do these days is to write something each day, but as always, time got away from me.  I think I'll cram as much as I can into one day.  I am thankful for fashion (always) and people watching, the Midwest and its sanity, great friends and my loving family, hair color and facials, clean air and grass, downtown Davenport progress (finally), belly laughs and tears, history and making some, Whitey's ice cream (but not the lbs. that go with it!), a hardworking team of Slipperistas and the wonderful women in the QCA, black and grey, red wine, old Levis, Frye boots (of course), HGTV, Converse sneakers, and today.....mashed potatoes.  May your tables be blessed.



November 28, 2013 by Christine Reyhons

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