Let's talk e-commerce for a bit.  Specifically, our e-commerce :)  I get it....we have two of the hardest classifications to buy on-line, denim and shoes.  And we don't have a name like Nordstrom or Zappos.  And I have heard that you want MORE.....and we are going to give you more (very soon).  Here are some facts about our website, that in my opinion, set us apart.  

1. WE ARE STILL PHYSICALLY REACHABLE, because we're still small.  Otherwords, CALL us if you have a question...563-424-2004.

2. Our "season finale" offerings are some of the best out there!  

3. If your purchase is a gift, we will gift wrap for free

4. Sign up for our e-blasts and there will be special deals for you only

5. Use the website as a tool, to see if we have your size before you come to the store (even though we love to see everyone as much as possible)

6. AND, VERY IMPORTANT for our in town customers,,,you can purchase on line and we will deliver for free within 10 miles. (Option at the end of checkout)

I invite you to make suggestions and give feedback....just don't hurt my feelings too much :)

August 13, 2014 by Christine Reyhons

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