Oh the joy of finding new jeans.....NOT.  Ranks right up there with finding a great bra or bathing suit, or maybe having your teeth pulled.

Luckily for you, we girls at The Ruby Slipper are pretty fantastic at the denim game. Look at our staff picture, we come in all shapes and sizes,,,,kind of like one of those Ivory commercials. We can fit sizes 2-12, petites and long tall Sallys.

Instead of aimlessly digging through a sea of denim, we will find you a pair to make your butt look better and your legs look longer!  That IS pretty much the reason for good denim, right?!?!

We start by asking you 3 basic questions, "what color are you looking for, what size are you around, and what cut do you want?" Now you are in our hands and we will find you some KILLER jeans. If you are shopping on line, but would like that same helping hand, give us a call during business hours at 563-424-2004. If we are busy fitting booties at that time, we will arrange a time to call you back.

Our regular priced denim is 20% off until September 27th. What a perfect time to put your butt in our hands!  Just kidding, kind of :)

September 15, 2014 by Christine Reyhons

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