From a young age I was always apt to choose converse and jeans over saddle shoes and dresses (much to my mother’s dismay at certain times),  and  I remember saving my allowance for months so that I could order my first pair of COOL tennis shoes that were all the rage in my elementary school.  While my style has evolved immensely since those younger days, I am still very much a sneaker girl at my core, which is why I am elated that sneakers are SUPER on trend for spring.  Whether you prefer slip-on sneakers, or bright-colored trainers, athletic-inspired footwear is everywhere, even classics like converse and vans are having another moment in the sun!   And sneakers are not just schlepping around shoes anymore! Wear your trainers with everything from dresses to joggers, pants and skirts!   I love the juxtaposition of a dressy outfit, paired with a super cool and casual sneaker!  I personally can’t wait to test out my Sam Edelman slip-on’s with some of my favorite little dresses and a denim jacket come warmer months, an outfit that never would have passed muster in my younger years.  So give your feet a small break from uncomfortable heels and boots this spring,  slip into some fabulous sneakers, and embrace a trend that is as comfortable as it is stylish!



January 20, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

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