Navigating 2019 Denim Trends
You might want to hide your skinny's in the back of the closet once the weather warms up.  Denim fashions are turning foot loose and fancy free....Cue the 90's and 00's please.
  • High Rise Straight
  • Hem Detail
  • Embroidery and appliques'
  • Crop Flares (preferably high rise)
  • Slouchy, non fitted denim
  • Bootcuts
  • Lighter Blues
  • Off Black worn into spring

And remember, if you need a little guidance in the denim game, we are here to help.  Remember, you can join our Denim HQ program, fill out a fit questionnaire from our website, schedule a private consultation or have a denim club box delivered to your door.  Message us or call the store, 563-424-2004.

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