Why do girls wear dresses?  Way back in history, dress wearing originally had to do with religion, views about barbaric cultures, health concerns, and an illustration of abundance and wealth.  

Fast forward to 2015.  These days, during the warm summer months, there are as many dresses being worn as shorts.  These are carefree and casual.  They move gently in the breeze.  Their outings are barbecues, farmer's markets, music festivals, and days at the beach.  There is not one element of pretentiousness.  Bare arms and legs, sex appeal couldn't be more demure.  Mini or maxi, tall or short, they all have their place.

The summer dress has partners in crime....layered necklaces, flip flops, wedges, sunglasses, and maybe even a fake (or real) tattoo.

I often wonder if men are jealous.  After all, they wore skirts first.  (Mel Gibson in Braveheart).  I think men want to wear dresses; we wanted to wear pants.  And I think we will see more dresses.  Because really, they're great. THERE'S NOTHING TO MATCH.  I guess fashion equality should go both ways.

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June 23, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

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