Are we raising a generation of copycats and non-thinkers?  Young adults that don't have an opinion about self expression, let alone their own views about world issues.  Has the media become their catalog for appearance, self-worth, and knowledge?

Ya ya, I have a boutique and you're thinking, what does this have to do with clothes, fashion, and what you do.  Actually, it started because I WAS looking at clothes and appearances of teenage girls.  I have also been watching my nieces work through their pre-teen and soon to be teen years.  As a mother to a boy, this difference has been very interesting to watch.  I have also been shown various prom pictures (yes it is the season), and continued to notice patterns.

When I was a teenager, like decades ago, it was super cool to be different.  It was the 80's and the 90's, the beginning of MTV, super models viewed only in magazines, and a grunge/artistic movement that made it "cool" to be knowledgeable about "stuff."  In 1984, I promise you that I was the only one at prom in a black gown with past-the-elbows gloves.  In 1986, I am quite sure I was the only one in my Fashion Merchandising Department that had blue hair.

Today, you can't find ANY girl in junior high and beyond, that doesn't have straight, long hair.  Most likely in a "pony" maybe with a hair band.  And all the girls at the ends of the prom pictures know their role, with the hand placement on their hips.  Like EVERY single picture.  I really think we need to coach these young women to be themselves, not what they think they need to be, both in they way they look and the way they think.  Trends are trends, but mimicking is not cool.  Be your own person, develop your own style, and realize your best accessory is your brain.

What do you think?


June 04, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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