Finally, for the last few nights, it has dipped into the 40's.  Summer has lingered and lingered, and I think I  speak for many clothes hounds, I am ready to wear sweaters and coats!  As I have said many times over, who doesn't love hot cocoa, bonfires, sweaters, and football?  I DO!!!

Welllll,,,,,I actually know a group of people who have hoped for the continuation of lingering summer.  Our nation's homeless population.   In the United States, 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year.  The fastest growing segment of this number, are families.  23% of these people are U.S. veterans.  Unless we have walked a mile in their shoes, we should not try to understand what this feels like.  We should not pass judgement, or look the other way.  (Unless you are the panhandler on my corner who probably makes more money than I do and just got new rims on his car that is parked every day by the dumpster and eats McDonalds and smokes cigarettes)  We all should do whatever we can to help, no matter how small it seems.

So while I am planning my Iowa Hawkeye bonfire, complete with my flatscreen and s'mores and blankies and cocoa......I need to think about the family who doesn't know where they are going to sleep or how they will keep warm.  And not to get too deep here, but sometimes I think about my career choices in life, and how they really mean nothing.   All I can do at this stage of the game is volunteer, spread compassion, and donate both time and goods.

Today The Ruby Slipper begins a week long partnership with Humility of Mary Shelter in Davenport, IA. With every gently used coat that we receive to donate, you will receive 20% off a new coat.  AND, because I am feeling giving, the more you bring, we may just give you a discount on something else too!  Honestly guys, cold weather is around the corner, and the shelter has shared with us that they need XL sweatshirts and or coats badly.  (But nothing will be turned away).

We thank you.  Spread love.

October 15, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

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