I’m not a photographer. I don’t even pretend to play one on TV.   I am an amateur shop owner always trying to save a buck and time, so I have been dabbling in photography. And today I understand what it means when a REAL photographer tells me that everything just gelled.

Like some of you know, The Ruby Sipper has been experimenting with local women modeling our clothes. It only makes sense, right. Well today I scheduled the last shoot (tardy by the way), with our August model. Leslie Klipsch. I mean,,,,how could I be so lucky. Just an awesome person. I asked her if we could mix it up and shoot where she has been working. Of course, “I’d love to” was the response.

Which led me to the coworkqc. A super hip, inspiring, clean, meeting worthy, collaborative environment that would make any small business owner or flex time employee, super productive! This space was co-founded by Leslie. She’s kind of passionate about it. Now I’m kind of passionate about it. Therefore, I am attaching a link for you to check out. https://www.coworkqc.com   (Currently, I am sitting in my very unorganized, used to be cool office, that is overrun by my teenager’s homework and my husband’s employer’s work. Oh, and dog bowls.) Ugh. I want to be at coworkqc right now.

Back to the clothes. I am very proud of these photos, because it showcases this very cool space, I happened to get VERY lucky on the photos themselves, and because the photos capture the essence of what The Ruby Slipper is really about. Real people, wearing clothes suitable for real life. Comfortable, affordable, flexible.

I hope you like the fashion and the space. Go spread the word!

September 24, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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