Other than the obvious reason that she is Paul and Linda's daughter,,,,,she is also extremely talented.  A complete vegan all of her life, she will not even use wool or silk in any of her designs.  She hangs with British elite Madonna (transplant), Annie Lenox, Jude Law, Gwenyth Paltrow (transplant), Niaomi Campbell, and Kate Moss.  Her spring 2011 show was in a cemetery.  She created an organic skincare line calles CARE in 2007.  She became the creative director for Chloe just 2 years out of design school (I'm sure her name had nothing to do with it).  She partnered with H&M and Target on a more affordable collection, which sold out across the country in minutes.  And last, but surely not least, she created a necklace with a single leg charm while her father was married to amputee Heather Mills!  Ya, rumor had it that they didn't get along much.........STELLA.......what's not to love!!!

November 07, 2012 by Christine Reyhons

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