The year truly flew by,,,,funny how that happens when you are doing something that you love.  Every day there are people just discovering us (and the downtown again)....we rely on you to keep spreading the good word.  They say it takes a village,,,,and I believe it!  If we really want our downtown to thrive again, we must embrace it and be willing to take risks.....we did and we're still here :)  We celebrated our first year birthday in October, made many new friends through our "shoe parties," appeared twice on television (thank you Paula), participated in our first outdoor River Roots festival, hosted another successful "Men's Shopping Night," had a record breaking Small Business Saturday thanks to you, became the first women's boutique in Iowa to carry both TOM'S footwear and eyewear, and made our first cross town appearance at the Ladies Shopping Luncheon at Crow Valley.  Overall, we continue to peak people's curiosities, and I love that.  We know denim and can take that to the bank!  HAPPY 2013!!!!

January 03, 2013 by Christine Reyhons

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