How do you NOT pick up this magazine with stylish and talented Rooney Mara staring you in the face?!  My major take-a-way from this issue, is that this spring it will be hard to do anything wrong.  Anything goes.  Throw caution to the wind.  The biggest fashion faux pas is just not to look like last year, freshen up that wardrobe.

  • Geometric shapes
  • Denim with denim
  • 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's......all covered
  • Pointed toes 
  • Structured bags
  • Destroyed and lighter denim
  • Florals
  • T-Straps and Ankle wraps to the knees
  • Kitten heels and Block heels
  • Tons of jewelry
February 08, 2013 by Christine Reyhons

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