There are many influences determining our style, appearance, dress......our peers, our economic standing, our culture, our siblings.  But as much as we didn't want to admit it earlier in our lives, our mother first rocked our own home runways.  Every decade was a little different, each one having it's own mass appeal and faux pas.  My mother in this picture was coming into her own.  A young mother, in the late sixties, had moved to an acreage and gained horses through a marriage....clearly trying to determine what her style should be. I  think she was trying to mix a little country with city here, judging by the cowboy hat paired with the frosted lipstick (one of my favorites from the late 60's).  As far as the pig tails go.....had HeeHaw begun???  Whatever she had going on that day,,,,I think she looked totally sass!!!

April 02, 2013 by Christine Reyhons

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