It's hard to believe that I still have time to write about this, but with the nation's frosty spring, I don't think I'm too late.  The number one question we ask ourselves, "is where do I begin?"  Just as with any other "project", there needs to be emphasis put on the preparatory work.  This will allow you to not take over half the house with clothes and shoes strewn all over, not make the "chore" take a week to 10 days, and most importantly, not make you very very cranky!

Gather the following supplies:

1. Invest in some new, well made hangers. (not the plastic tube style please)

2. Gather some large cardboard boxes to put your give-a-way clothes/shoes in

3. Identify a great organization that needs your donations, and make a plan on getting there ("clothes do not sit in garage for a season", keep chanting that)  

4. Garbage nearby (no one wants crap!)

5. Get some new tubs with lids and some garment bags

6. You will also need a permanent marker and labels

7. Buy a few cute potpourri, scenty things (or cedar chips in plastic baggies will do)

April 15, 2013 by Christine Reyhons

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