Why is it when people ask Midwesterners which season they love the most, 80 percent of the time they respond, fall.  I think the reason goes beyond the cozy sweaters hiding those 5 extra pounds, and college football (go Hawks). I believe it has more to do with the feeling that fall brings with it.  

 Let's face it, the rest of our five senses lose out to our nose from about October to January 1st.  The changing seasons, harvests, chilling air, a fresh wreath, and the fact of 3 major holidays within 60 days kind of commands the attention of that thing sticking out from our face.  Sixty days of our nose reliving memories and making new ones simply from its uncanny ability of the "association game."  Thanksgiving pie that your mom made, cider mulling on the stove at your bff's house, or your family ritual of cutting down your own tree.  And of course there are those forced scents and memories that come in the form of candles.

Cue the candles.

Yep.  When you think about the reason for today's candles, I believe it is to choose one that is personal to you, that evokes the feeling that makes you happy through the memories associated with scent.  Too deep for candles, maybe.  But there is reason that one person falls in love with "tobacco road" and another finds it repulsive.  Candles that are personal to you.  Candles that you light, and their scent simply and purely make you happy.

Cue the Homestead Candles.

There are candles and then there are candles.  Some are mass produced and some are still hand poured.  Hand poured.  In a small town in Mississippi.  And we found them.  They are made with care and love, and from people who have their own memories acciated with this growing company.  They are sold in the likes of Anthropology and Crate and Barrel.  We will proudly be offering 7 scents in two beautiful vessels.  Scents that will evoke happiness and memories, and maybe help create new ones :)

And what a perfect season to find them. 




November 22, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

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