So I thought I was going to sit down and write something about last years denim versus the new denim trends this spring (I guess I'll get to that later), but got completely diverted.  As I was surfing the web, getting inspiration and channeling the blues, I came across a VOGUE photograph of Pharrell and some random model in the same denim jacket.

Of course I had to stop and read closer.  So apparently Pharrell is the new co-owner of the Dutch brand G-Star.  Which, blah blah blah.  But what was more appealing about this schtick was Pharrell's style and design credentials talked about in this article.

Now, you won't admit it (but I will)....I love Pharrell on The Voice.   Always constructive feedback, a NICE guy to the contestants, and just COOL laid back fashion.  And I am talking about a DUDE.  Far cooler than Adam, frankly.  (poser)  

Pharrell knows how to rock some denim.  Which by the way, can be both top and bottom as long as they are not the identical color.  He will wear vintage.  He is not a slave to any one brand.  And I think the biggest, biggest cool thing about Pharrell and his denim wearin', rock swagger, is that THE MAN KNOWS HOW TO ACCESSORIZE.  Yes, still talking about a man.  Which for even a woman, is hard to get a handle on.  Hats, belts, watches, leather cuffs, rings, necklaces.  He will never end up looking like an 80's hair band member, he knows the right amount.  He knows how to dress up a t-shirt, rock a loafer, when to cuff, overall innate ability.  He reminds me of a black Marlon Brando :)

And for all of these reasons, he is my most recent, fashion celebrity crush!  

(got one?)

February 24, 2016 by Christine Reyhons

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