We like to throw parties.  We think we're kinda good at it.  

Shoe parties started at our downtown location in 2012.  They were always a big hit.  It's was a night to spend just with your girlfriends, eat, drink, and go shopping.  With discounts.  We have hosted showers, birthdays, divorces, and even a fundraiser.  Because who better to rub elbows with, than your "girls."

Guess what ladies.  These are still around.  But ever since we moved to our new location, everyone kind of forgot about these.  Of course we had to change things up a bit, due to our new hours, but I personally love the new concept.  Because I am a fan of Sunday Fundays!

So check out the dates available for spring on our website.  Two hours with the store open just for you and your posse, 10-12 p.m.  Max guests are 15.  Menu is well thought out, not just wine and chocolate like FAC.  Discounts will be universal, but also special depending on the date.

Contact us for details and lock in a date!


February 05, 2018 by Christine Reyhons

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