I'm going to let you in on a strange little secret about myself, that might weird out my team just a bit.  I have a running tally in my head of the women that I have NOT been successful in fitting jeans.  This has been going on since we moved to the new location, which is about 3 years.  I promise you, this number is LOW!  Not to creep you out, but I can look at you and know your size and what cut is best for you.  Okay, maybe I just creeped you out.

I can find denim that fits you!  Our team can find denim that fits you!  It is probably the most intense "training" that we give at the store.  Even though our sign says THE RUBY SLIPPER, denim rivals our shoe business.  Women come to us now because they have heard from their friends that WE KNOW HOW TO FIT DENIM.

Denim ranks up there with the most painful things to go shopping for, right up there with bras and swimsuits.  You walk in and stare at a sea of blue.  You want help, but don't want to ask.  You don't even know these brands.  You have no idea where to start.

This is where I/we come in.  We're here to help.  Hang in there, I'm going to land this plane....

Today begins an initiative that we believe will make you jump for joy in our pursuit for the best customer experience in the land!  Drumroll please.  We are launching PERSONALIZED DENIM FITTINGS with our new DENIM HQ program!!!!  These are guaranteed one on one fittings in store with one of our experts!  OR, a denim club box sent directly to your home!


  1. Must fill out the denim questionnaire (tap on "get started" from our homepage)
  2. Contact will come through to my email and we will decide on personal fitting appt. or club box being sent
  3. Service is free for introductory period
  4. Special discounts will be available to those in the DENIM HQ program, communicated through emails
  5. DENIM HQ club box will be sent for free, with $10 flat rate fee for any returns

To kick off the program we are offering 15% off on your first pair of jeans!  Now, are you JUMPING FOR JOY YET?!?!  Let's get this party started!


October 28, 2018 by Christine Reyhons
Tags: Denim HQ

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