The sun is shining and I finally feel inspired to talk about spring fashion. I don’t know about you, but the past rainy, cold week has left me stifled when it comes to outfitting. We’re about to turn the corner this weekend to find April 1st staring us in the face. It’s time to put the wool sweaters and drab colors away. I am going to help you weed through last year’s styles, and figure out how to incorporate this season’s hits.

 SHOES must haves:

  • Mules and/or slides – invest in one closed toe and one open toe
  • Sneakers – have at least 2 pair of fashion sneakers; your Nike cross trainers are not included
  • Platform sandals – different from a typical wedge, a platform has much less “pitch” and shout the 70’s….coolest with an ankle wrap
  • Birkenstock – invest in at least 2 pair, your feet will love you for it. And remember, there are many more styles other than the tried and true Arizona

DENIM must haves:

  • Embrace the Fray – no hems at all or extra ratty, whatever your speed
  • Wider legged denim – this can be a cropped flare or a “stovepipe” style, which is a fancy name for a exaggerated straight leg
  • Levis – the trendiest brand around, literally dictating the fabrication of the entire denim market. Try a pair, and remember you didn’t always wear jeans with stretch.
  • Wider cuffs – if your height allows, a single, wider cuff is trendy
  • Light wash – 80’s style
  • Details – up your game with track stripes, paint splatters, or appliques’
  • High Rise denim – don’t be afraid, what’s better than keeping everything neat and tidy anyway?

TOPS must haves:

  • Ruffles are everywhere – remember your age and use as appropriate
  • Tops are getting shorter – read above on embracing high rise denim
  • Bring on the color – not so much in a bright neon way, more like a Vincent van Gogh watercolor.
  • Floral – buy something floral, it will make you happy

 ITEMS that are not as cool anymore – You might want to save these for home, donate, or wait for the next fashion cycle.

  • TOMS shoes – I get it, great cause. Go donate your time to a food pantry. It will make you feel just as good, if not better.
  • Extra destroyed denim – denim is getting “cleaner” and super destructed denim just isn’t as edgy as it once was.
  • Cold shoulder tops – No, this is not over (although I wish it was), but it is close. You always know that when a trend gets to the kid’s department, it is on its last push. So choose wisely, or move on to the next big arm trend, detached sleeves.
  • Kimonos – Unless you are going to Coachella, leave it at home.
  • Sperry Topsiders – should not be used as your choice for a sneaker look, and should only be worn if you are on a boat.
March 30, 2018 by Angela Swanson

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