13.8 million posts and counting.  

Sophie Amoruso wrote a hugely popular book in 2014, titled of course #GirlBoss, and the term stuck.  And if anyone was living under a rock about that time, Sophie was the CEO of the wildly popular American retail chain, Nasty Gal, for 10 years.

#girlboss originated with a feminist, strong, cool, take no shit kind of vibe.  It was geared toward millenials and the unconventional.  But I think the bad ass vibe has left the building.

And now is when you take a side.  

Many people think that #girlboss is anything but feministic.  I think the message started that way, but over a couple of years, the bad ass-ness has gotten watered down into something completely the opposite.  I am not even sure why it is still growing after four years.  The fickle followers of Instagram rarely keep a hashtag going strong for that long.  

So before I start blabbing my pen, I did some research today watching U-Tube videos of Sophia, reading excepts from both sides of the topic, and actually searching the actual hashtag #girllboss.  I invite you to do just that.  Let me give you a hint,,,,,after scrolling through about one HUNDRED photos with the hashtag #girlboss, half of the photos show ample cleavage, provocative poses, lack of clothing, let alone anything from what #girlboss was supposed to stand for.

So what does it mean?  I am no girl.  I am a woman who works hard every day to keep learning in this ever changing retail environment.  I try to be active in my community and partner with other like minded strong women.  I am an entrepreneur.  

I mean, there's no #boyboss.  (well there actually is, 7700, but still)  That just sounds ridiculous.  I mean, why must WE have a child connotation being over used MILLIONS of times.  

No thanks.  I choose  not to join the #girlboss OR #bossbabe movement.  You can find me at #bossladydiaries.  I think it's way more bad ass!


January 04, 2019 by Christine Reyhons

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