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As another holiday weekend quickly approaches, many of us are splitting town, heading to our favorite lake or beach resort.

If you could just get over that agonizing chore of packing (Cue the sighs). I must admit that I love to pack, so I am going to help you out. Efficiency and flexibility, that is the key. My husband is even amazed on my packing skills, he always takes more bags than me!

I truly believe that you should start with your feet. For a couple of reasons. Generally there is a lot of walking and shoes take up a lot of room. So sometimes starting with your favorites makes the most sense. Everything should be comfortable (no explanation needed).

Keep it neutral. The pops of color should come from small packable items such as accessories or even a swimsuit. Pack items that are multi purpose, available to be used in different ways. Here are my staples for the lake or the ocean:
1. bathing suit or two (print and colorful)
2. accessories that highlight a healthy glow (bright or gold)
3. denim cutoffs and jeans (always a staple)
4. knit sundress (can double as a coverup if needed)
5. logo or printed tees (cotton is best)
6. beach hat and head scarf (in case you're too lazy to wash your hair, or to protect it from the sun)
7. a couple of boho tops (companion to denim of course)
8. TWO pair of sunnies (nothing is worse than losing the only pair you brought)
9. Lightweight sweatshirt (sunburn makes you chilly)
10. Beach tote that you can fold up in your suitcase (for towels, water bottles, etc etc)

And of course,,,,,don't forget the sunscreen!

Have the best holiday weekend with family and friends!



June 28, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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