Ah, November.  You are finally here.  I have a love hate relationship with you, but mostly love.  The sky is gray, the days are shorter, my coat is required, and trees hang on to their very last leaves.

But I LOVE November because of my occupation! (Almost more than December mind you)  You see, November in my business is crunch time.  Preparation.  Crossing t's and dotting i's.  Long days and higher stress levels.  Don't worry, my husband says I thrive on stress!  All to make sure that you remember "that great little shop" and to exceed your every expectation.  To make your life easier.  To avoid the mall :)

The Ruby Slipper will begin the month with their known for FAC event on the 3rd, where come 3:00 the entire store is 15% OFF!  I am even making my grandmother's pumpkin bars and having cider this month!!  With new goods arriving daily, seems like a perfect time to get a new Thanksgiving outfit!  We'll see you Friday :)

We will be out and about town this month at two important events, The Water Party and Sizzlin' Soiree'.  The Ruby Slipper and Katsch are donating the jewelry being sold at the Water Party 2017.  These are $30 and if we sell out, it's like you helped donate $9000!  That gives me warm, holiday fuzzies!  The Ruby Slipper will also be involved in the brand new Sizzlin' Soiree' complete with fashion show and shopping!  Both of these events are important to our community and families abroad, and you should check them out!   

The entire month we will be receiving the best of the best gift ideas, only to be brought out on Black Friday, to officially kick off the season.  Black Friday and Small Business Saturday we will be launching a brand new AMAZINGLY fun promotion!  And Cyber Monday we will be offering a deal that is so CRAZY, you better get familiar with our website!

And behind the scenes, we are planning the BEST holiday windows, ordering wrapping paper and boxes, and sending the computer to the spa.  Having our holiday kick off meeting, to make sure we are fired up and ready to go!!  And this is just November kids!!  SO join us this holiday, to feel good about the season.  We'll be turning up the holiday music and wrapping paper will be flying!

November 01, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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