The holiday season is often thought of as the season of giving.  Our mail is full of annual drives and bells ring at each of our supermarkets.  How do we ever decide who to donate to, what does our money do, and where does our money go?  I've often thought that the closer to home that our money stays, the better.  I know that many of our customers donate both their time and their money to various causes, but this is the part of "coffee talk" that I ask you for more.

You may be aware or not, but the River Bend Foodbank is a very strong community organization serving over 300 partner agencies in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.  I personally have a relationship with the Davenport Community Food Pantry, because of teacher friends spearheading this branch.  It resides in the old JB Young school and is one of the newest locations of family support.  The time that I worked at this pantry, and after speaking to its coordinator, I learned that hygiene products are always asked for and very hard to get.  She told me that what I was proposing to do, was a huge undertaking, as at least 130 families are seen daily, which is around 500 people.  I am up for this challenge!!!!  Will you help???'s the deal.  I AM ASKING YOU TO HELP US SUPPLY FAMILIES WITH HYGIENE PRODUCTS!  We will be collecting ALL of December.  For every around $10 of love in the form of products that is donated, you will be entered in the drawing for a $200 gift card to The Ruby Slipper.  The winner will be drawn on January 1st, 2018.  And whatever you believe, or your political stance, or thinking that these people should be helping themselves, remember that about 60% or more of the humans needing help, are children.

Here are some ideas of items needed:

Toilet paper, soap, body wash, diapers, tampons, razors, shampoo, deodorant, you get the idea.

This is probably the largest undertaking that we have ever taken on, BUT I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!!  Please share this, and drop off items at our store all through the month.  

Peace and love.

December 03, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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