I know we have a lot of sofa shoppers, friends that have left the area, and many curious fashionistas, wondering about our little store in the middle of nowhere.  You see, I can see the large number of you perusing our website from behind the curtain.  Just like the great wizard.  

This summer we have begun a campaign for "us" to get better acquainted, build the trust, spread the love, and the discounts.  

You asked for this, and now we are delivering.  You no longer have to dream of the rewards that the locals get, YOU CAN GET THEM NOW!  We are proud to announce a rewards program built for our website!  Exclusive deals, knowledge, and money you can save.  Just for signing up and shopping.

Just go to our homepage and look for the little black box that says "Ruby Rewards."  You can read all about it, and start by setting up an account.  And if you have liked what you have purchased, believe in small business, or love the service, then share with a friend!  Oh, this is just the beginning!

* note: the in store and web programs are exclusive of each other

June 08, 2018 by Christine Reyhons

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