On the eve of our shoe sale, I thought it important to talk about trends and what you "need" to have in your closet.  Let's face it, we are just getting over with 80 degree weather, so I know hiding your toes has been an afterthought.  And I also know that Midwest "must haves" might be different than the Carrie Bradshaws of NYC.  Oh we get it, but our fashion must have an element of practicality our lifestyle and our weather demands.  So let's proceed with the easiest to, "I only have one place to wear that" shoe.....

SNEAKERS - Huge in 2017, only getting bigger for 2018.  There is not one particular brand that is leading the pack.  Two key fashion tips for wearing a sneaker: Do not look like you are going to or just came from the gym.  Second, make sure that your sneakers are clean and preferably anything but white or black.  Think Sunday funday, not cleaning the house day.

BOOTIES - Yes I realize that booties were on the list last year also, but this year is a little different.  And the way that I look at it, you can never have too many booties!  Booties have POP this year.  No holds bar, they want to be the star of your outfit this season.  I suppose this is why red boots are hotter than hot.  The shaft height of booties are more narrow this season, the colors can be bold, chelsea boots are a big deal, moto and lace details are for the super trendy, and texture in some shape or form is everywhere.  Head spinning yet?  Probably best to come see us, it's worth a conversation.

MULES - I love that the 1990's are back.  The slide and mule (yes they are different) rage began this spring, but honestly, only the shoeistas knew what to do with them.  The mule is the perfect shoe to wear with our crazy autumn weather, and dresses and straight leg pants/denim are its favorite companion.  I get it, you are shaking your head right now because there is not much more time to wear these.  Well I disagree.  Mules are perfect for holiday house parties and trust me when I tell you, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE for 2018.  So look at it like you will get a jump on the new year.

EMBELLISHMENTS - ON ANYTHING!  What do I mean by this?  This is such a broad classification that I lumped it all together.  To me, another example of how footwear wants to rule your outfit this season.  Brocade fabrics, fur, buckles for miles, metallic leathers, studs, jewels and pearls on heels, velvet.  Keep the outfit simpler, let your feet do the talking.

BLOCK HEELS - I first became obsessed with block heels watching the Mary Tyler Moore show in 1974, when I was 8 years old.  Yes my obsession with shoes started that early, don't judge.  Anyway, the trend is happening and will go full throttle in spring of 2018.  Heels are getting a little lower, and a little chunkier, which to me equates to much more stable.  What's not to love?  This shoe trend requires the rest of your outfit to lean a little more preppy and classic.

I could dissect these trends and go on and on, because truly this season almost anything goes.....as long as it's INTERESTING.  



October 12, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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