Two days ago I found out that a small business that is relatively close to me had closed.  This business had been open many years and I'm sure had seen many others come and go.  I would always go to this shop on Small Business Saturday and the women were always so kind to me.  But this news really hit home because duh, I'm a small business.

I should have supported more.  There is no reason with a shop that I liked, that my attendance was an annual thing.  I am upset with myself because of what I know closing their doors does to their livelihood and to the offerings of the community.  We cannot thrive on new bars alone.  So today I make a pact with myself.  I am making my Small Business Saturday list with my regulars and adding a new stop, but most importantly, I will try harder to CONTINUE to show support throughout the year!

And so should you.

Here's the facts.  If a small business has a bad season, there is NO one to bail them out.  If an Amazon, Nordstrom, Von Maur, Zappos has a bad season, their hand is held out to the vendors asking for markdown support.  This is a fact, been there.  Small businesses care about the community they are in.  They know your face and maybe your name.  They seat you at your favorite table.  They give donations to organizations and people in distress. They wrap your gifts, and maybe even deliver them.  They have watched your children grow up.  They know "your" drink when you belly up to the bar.

THEY are the heartbeat of America.  Now spend some time today figuring out where you are going to spend your hard earned dollars this season and throughout the year.

November 19, 2017 by Christine Reyhons

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