I'm writing this today, on a day the weather channel has told me it is going to be 96 degrees.  So in a lot of ways, summer is upon us.  But the calendar doesn't officially say summer until June 21st.  The longest day of the year.  Oddly, always one of my favorite days.  So people, you still have time to give that wardrobe an injection of fun!

I think summer is similar with many of us in the States.  Kids home from school eating you out of house and home, shuffling kids around everywhere, people cutting out of work early on Fridays, vacations, barbecues, too many sangrias over a 3 month period, and lots of humid weather here in the Midwest.

I'm heading somewhere with this.

The point is, everything gets just a little more laid back (even though YOU'RE still running around) and comfort is king in the summer.  SO, your wardrobe should reflect that same attitude.

1. Have a few graphic tees in your drawer.  They are cotton, or a blend, so they are good to your skin, wash easily, and frankly, are fun to wear.  

2. Have at least 2 summer dresses in your wardrobe.  Not "I'm going to a wedding" dress, but a "I wear these because they are easy and cool" dress.  As many of you know, we have day dresses that are cotton, whimsical, and socially responsible.  What's not to love ?!?!?

3. Cut-off somethings.  I truly believe that any length goes this summer, whether it be short, bermudas, ankle, or even clamdigger length.  Yes, I just said that word.  The common denominator is THE FRAY!  Buy a pair, cut a pair, whatevs. Of course, they are cooler if they say Levis.

4. Of course, Birkenstock sandals!  Not a whole lot that I need to say about this if you already own a pair, but those that have not tried yet, let us make you a believer.  We will be getting new Birkenstocks every month until September.

 5. I feel like we're going back to the 90's, but shortalls are on every young and older fashionista's list right now. They are harder than heck to find, and you are luckier still if you find a vintage pair.  We stocked and sold out of 2 Levis shipments and have 2 mediums left, if you're interested.

6. I am not even going to pretend to understand this trend, because of the restroom issue, but jumpsuits are big again this year!  Maybe they are just meant for the gal that loves a one piece look but just won't wear a dress.  At any rate, solid or print, they are selling out!

7. As far as accessories go, own something straw.  A bag, clutch, or hat, this is the textural component of the summer.  Straw has always been something fun to take on holiday in the Caribbean, but this season it is being worn as far north as Minnesota.  And the other thing great about the straw accessory, it won't break the bank.  Not to mention how great it looks with those dresses and jumpers of the season!

8. Oh, and sunnies.  Let them shout your personality.  For that particular day :)  Bold is best!

Enjoy your summer and reach out to us with any fashion needs!

June 17, 2018 by Christine Reyhons

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