#3 Summer Essentials

Memorial Day has always been considered the official kick off to summer, even though your yearly calendar says differently.  And lately, the weather has been lying to us.  But do not despair, if you have lived in the Midwest long enough, you know you have your 3 beautiful days in May, and then the humidity settles in.  You might as well get ready, and your closet should be ready too!

Which brings me to the topic of this journal, Summer Essentials.  If you haven't gone through your closet yet, you should probably make that a priority.  And if you don't have these items IN your closet, then that is your next priority!

1. Day dress - If you haven't noticed, shorts are taking a back seat to dresses these days. They are cooler and it's nice not to worry about what cute top to wear.  Bright colors are best to show off a summer tan, and the more whimsical the print, the better!

2. Birkenstock sandals - Fashion is such a cyclical beast!  Did you think that you would be wearing these again, or your daughters would be raiding your closet for your pair from college?!?  The more unique the better.  It's not like wearing your habana Arizona this time around...Color color color!

3. White denim - It is true that whitish denim is becoming seasonless, but in summer no questions are asked :)  If you need a little update, choose a style that has a frayed hem or is slightly distressed overall.

4. Off the shoulder tops - There is no part of the body that is getting attention like shoulders these days!  Cold shoulder tops continue, but the latest attraction is the off the shoulder look.  Slightly boho, sometimes dressy, the common denominator with this look is a good exfoliator and a self tanner :)

5. Slides - Open toe or closed toe is an option, having a back is not.  I love it when a trend is easy.  I also love it when a trend gives allows me the freedom to NOT have perfect toes!  Let's face it, life gets busy.  

6. Espadrilles - Nothing spells summer more than a pair of espadrilles.  Low heel or high, ankle wrap or pump, the constant is the jute wrapped bottom.  Perfect with everything summer from dresses to cutoff shorts, chicly European.  Every time I slip on a pair, visions of blue waters and tapas dance in my head.


Not Your Mother's Birkenstocks

 There is an old saying that goes “everything old becomes new again,” and in the case of one of this summer’s biggest trends, truer words may never have been spoken.

Birkenstocks. Yep, fashion’s comeback kid is back and bigger than ever. Birkenstocks were sent down the runways of some of high-fashion heavy hitters (i.e. Celine, Marc Jacobs) and now fashionistas and celebrities alike are jumping on the German comfort bandwagon. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of a shoe trend conceived out of comfort and with built-in arch support?

However, let’s not get carried away completely by the word comfort. After all, these are not your mother’s Birkenstocks. To make this look work for the here and now, you need to pay serious attention to styling. Forget their hippie roots, the way to style these sandals now is anything but dowdy! Simply put, you shouldn’t throw on your Birks with your bootcut jeans and your peasant blouses without fear of looking like an extra from the set of ‘Dazed and Confused’. When styled correctly the Birkenstock sandals clean design and simple lines add an element of casual elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe.

This time around, fashionistas in the know are pairing their casual sandals with more structured ensembles, such as a sheath dress or a fitted button down and slacks. Try pairing your Birks with a pencil skirt and tee, or perhaps cigarette pants and a blazer, for a look that is easy and yet still pulled together. This season, opposites attract with the sporty Birkenstock sandal and dressier clothing options. Basically, sub your Birkenstock into any situation for which you might normally wear wedges or heels, and ta-da, a look that is totally cool and modern.

Another styling option is to pair your Birkenstocks with more casual pieces that you wish to elevate. Distressed denim and a tee suddenly looks much more modern when paired with Birkenstocks and statement jewels, as opposed to sneakers or flip-flops.   A pair of metallic Birks with boyfriend jeans, a chunky necklace, and a slinky tank are all you need for a night out on the town this season! When pairing your Birkenstocks with denim be sure to keep all of the other elements of the look tailored and neat, balance is the key to keeping this trend current

All this being said, fashion is all about rocking your own personal taste and making a look your own. Use these words as inspiration to experiment and try new things.   Whether pairing your Birkenstocks with jeans or a dress, a sporty look or more preppy pieces; anything goes! Mix and match, blend high and low, and above all: HAVE FUN!



April 08, 2015 by Christine Reyhons