Andre's espadrilles

I viewed the first collection for Spring 2013 on Thursday, from Andre Assous.  We are developing a loyal Andre following and don't want to disappoint for next year.  As we look into that crystal ball of colors, we try to pick the trend right hue all the way from Milan to Moline!   .

June 25, 2012 by Christine Reyhons

Fall color trend

Every season there is a two color love affair....this summer is orange and fushia, and we eagerly await for the fall romance.  Well, as I finish up fall and holiday buys for 2012, the most long-lasting relationship that I can see is navy and grey.  And towards holiday, the greys do a little transformation to the spicy silvers, but otherwise it's a match made in all fashionistas closets!!  Here's a sampling.....

June 06, 2012 by Christine Reyhons