All of us at The Ruby Slipper take this denim game very seriously.  I was doing some calculating the other day, and we have over 26 years (yes you read that correctly) of experience, fitting the best denim to your booty.

So with this number comes great responsibility, and I want you to know that I just spent the last two hours on the "googles" trying to update myself on the latest fibers and cuts and causes and celebrities and fits and washes and ways to wear, of every brand that we have coming in for fall!  Holy Lord, fix me a cocktail!

Here's what I know.  Every brand is known for something.  And every body is made for a different type of denim.  It is our responsibility to find the perfect jean that makes you feel confident and comfortable.  Whether it be Paige Denim, with their comfort waistband and the first woman founder of a premium denim line, or Adriano Goldschmied with their socially responsible production and sourcing guidelines, or Joe's Jeans with their resilience and material improvements to rise to the top again, or DL1961 with their fast track stardom and 4-way stretch, or Blank NYC as they're flipping you off yelling, "we have just as good of denim at a much lower price".....The Ruby Slipper has a jean for you.

We have skinnies, straights, boyfriends, flares, boots, greys, blacks, distressed, and blues all delivering this month.  Our staff educates themselves on the rise, the inseam, the leg opening, and the knee width....all to make YOUR life easier!

Now we understand that the quest for that perfect pair of jeans can be daunting, and it takes a real commitment once you take the plunge (bras and swimsuits rank right up there in the same catagory of fun).  But guess what, the girls at The Ruby Slipper are going to save you from drowning!  Hooray!!! So come see us, or call us, or even set up a personal fitting when the store is normally closed.....we are at your disposal.  The last thing we want, is for you to have the denim blues! :)


August 31, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

Summer Essentials

Well, as the temperature rises above 90 here in the midwest, I guess it's safe to say summer is finally here.  The question is,,,,,,is your wardrobe ready?!?!?!  Our mission is to make your life easier, so if there are some definite voids off the list below, come see us (and fast!).  We don't want you looking all "LY" at your friends BBQ or any one of the many music fest in the midwest!  Here we go - - - - -

1. Boyfriend jean - preferably light denim and with destruction.  Everyone has their own level of "holy tolerance", but stick your toe in the water please.

2. Wedges - what's great about wedges this year, and what seems to be the ongoing trend for spring 2016, is that there is barely any pitch to the elevation!  So the balls of your feet don't hurt; just uber long legs to pair with the next staple, FLARES.

3. Flares - I didn't say bootcuts, I said flares!  Higher waist, and wonderful, proportionately wide, flare bottoms.  Ideal for summer in a light color and with two front patch pockets.  And please don't show us anything more than those perfectly pedicured toes (your color choice), underneath those flares.  For more guidelines on this, read our last blog.

4. Sneakers - cool sneakers are the way of the future.  I'm not talking about those Nikes that you wear with your workout gear.,,,,,I mean the kind that completes a cool denim look or possibly joggers.

5. Birkenstocks - there is not a more universal trend that is happening right now!  Young and old, the 150 year old company couldn't be more popular.  Simply a must have for summer......and for fall, actually.  Choose the more streamlined Gizeh or chunkier, Arizona.  The key is to not look like circa 1980 when wearing them (yes, another one of our blogs).

6. Summer dress - cool and flowing, capped sleeve or sleeveless, solid or print.....not a lot of rules here, just have one!  Dresses have become a summer staple because they are cool, easy to pack, and there's nothing to match.  It's just you and your dress!

Of course, there's other things you should have, but these are some core items.  Sunglasses, something turquoise, hoops, adhesive tattoos (maybe), sunscreen, and the list goes on......  Stop in, we'll get you ready for your next summer weekend or vacation!  






June 10, 2015 by Christine Reyhons

Joe's Jeans.....the end of the Joe's butt

I know many of you know exactly what I'm talking about.  And Joe's knows that they lost many of their die hard customers because their denim stretched out way too quickly.  Well about 6 months ago Joe's began their mission to better their denim quality and also increase their styling options.  Fast forward to present and they kept their word......I, for one, like what I see.  Great treatments, styles, and fabrics.  The Ruby Slipper has 6 styles in store, soon to have all 6 shop-able on the web.  


April 17, 2013 by Christine Reyhons
Tags: butt denim joe's

Not all denim is created equal.

Although many denim brands can claim they have the latest colors, fits, and washes,,,,,,not many of them have the best practices when it comes to achieving that sought after shade.  Except AG Adriano Goldschmied.  AG uses an earth-friendly, water-conserving process when aging and dying their denim.  This savvy company also produces all its denim on one huge campus, right down to the rivets.  That's what I call quality control.  The Ruby Slipper will be carrying many more AG styles as spring progresses.......come try one on!

January 30, 2013 by Christine Reyhons
Tags: AG denim