Greetings friends!  It's 2019 and its the time for reminders, fresh starts, new goals,,,,,,,oh, and dieting.

I'm going to stay on task.

Anyway, here is your friendly little reminder about our on line REWARDS program.  Things are really picking up around here and I want to make sure that you guys are getting what you deserve!  After all, you asked for the program.

Just start with the black box.  EVERY time you buy something.  Actually just start with it right now!  Because we give you points for sharing your birthday, setting up an account, following us on Instagram, all kinds of good stuff.

Heck, this program might be better than our in store program because you can redeem points once you earn $25, you don't need to wait for the $50.  And I'm not even mentioning the shopping from your couch awesomeness!

So here's your mantra......START WITH THE BLACK BOX :)

January 18, 2019 by Christine Reyhons

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