The world of denim is being turned upside down in 2018!  I realize that is a pretty bold statement, but I remember thinking at market MONTHS ago, "I wonder if women are going to adjust to all of these abrupt changes."  

There are styles that are perfect for twenty somethings, and styles that everyone can wear.  That's where we come along.  Helping you navigate through the fashion magazine.  'Tis the season when we are cleaning out closets, and this includes denim this year.  

Here's the broad scope of trends this season:

  • Mom jeans
  • Ultra cuff
  • Deconstructed denim
  • Asymmetrical denim
  • Non stretch
  • Wide legs
  • Embellished denim
  • Denim sweats
  • Frayed everything

Sooooo, if this makes you cringe, and want to crawl into a fashion hole, don't despair!  Here are some tips:

  • Buy one "trend" jean.  Patchwork, jogger stripe, or deconstructed
  • Invest in a straight leg or stove pipe jean, that can be given a wide cuff
  • Don't hem everything.  If the world is embracing the fray, why don't you let a few pair do just that?
  • Buy something frayed!
  • Buy a pair of Levi's.  Enough said.
  • Just try on a pair of high rise denim.  You may love the way they hold everything in :)
  • Come see us or instant message us for ANY denim questions.  It's our game.


February 18, 2018 by Christine Reyhons

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