I haven't had much to say the last 2 days, as COVID-19 continues to alter our lives, our health, our relationships, our livelihoods.  Lots to process, and thinking that the posting of cute outfits wasn't really a priority.  

COVID-19 is a real thing, and we cannot ignore that.  But after talking to nurses, friends that have dealt with weakened immune systems for most of their lives, and reading as much scientific data as possible, believe that by keeping 3' social distance, keeping clean, not entering highly populated situations, eating proper foods, taking vitamins, that a person will be just fine.  Again, this is my opinion.

My friend in the business asked me last night if I was going to close.  It kind of freaked me out.  I've had to investigate potential small business bailouts.  Ask me if I ever thought I would have to do that.  I've had to cut my girls hours.  Thank God none of them need this job for their complete livelihood.  My sister's last day at work is tonight, in the state of Illinois, for a current indefinite period.  

And then there's the children.  All of these schools that are closing for weeks on end.  The only meals that some receive are breakfast and lunch at school.  That is not sitting well with me.  Totally agree with the no school, but how do we feed the kids?  

The new normal involves all of us.  We are social creatures.  Small intimate gatherings might be the way to go.  We want to help.  Well, helping might mean opening the pursestrings.  God willing, we might want to actually talk to someone instead of texting.  Maybe complete isolation isn't the right answer.

Here's what I do know... I am taking care of myself and am healthy (I have not had a test).  I have not been anywhere in the last 3 weeks with a population of over 20 people.  YOU are going to see a lot of me at the store.  I am not closing at this point.  

The Ruby Slipper is more than just a clothing boutique.  It's more like a gathering space, a club.  It's you.  I want you to think it's second to home.  Where you talk, not worry, maybe even help yourself and others.  Because there's helping on the horizon.  I promise.  And remember, we ship, we will deliver for free within 10 miles, and soon, I will offer a one on one shopping experience.

And there is not a better time to have quality, comfortable clothing.  During these times, it just seems right.

We'll get through this.  Be smart.  Don't ignore. Wash your hands, And for God sakes, go buy some gift cards from restaurants and bars (especially in Illinois).




March 16, 2020 by Christine Reyhons

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