This afternoon my beloved grandmother passed on to her next journey.  She was 95 years young.  Sad yes, but she lived a full life, she would tell you that.  I am the oldest grandchild, so I guess I was fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with her.  She would teach me lots of lessons about health and beauty, although neither of us would realize this until much later.

Always keep moving.  She never preached that, she just DID it.  She use to say, "I don't sleep a lot, I have plenty of time to do that later."  I walked miles with her and her neighbor when I attended nearby UNI.  She would have been about 72 at that time. She insisted on staying in her own home that my grandparents built, until the end.

Have your nails done.  Now those of you that know me, know that I never succeed on this tip, guess I spend too much time moving.  I will try harder.  Her favorite color was pink, unless it was the frosted whites of the 70's.  All the great grandchildren spent last Mother's Day painting nails and giving back rubs; I must say one of my favorite recent memories.

Watch your portion size.  I guess when you are being thrown around dancing the jitterbug, you pay attention to these things.  As the years went by, she would always say that we ate too much.  I think she knew best.  #supersizeit  (And maybe not a great trait, she always TOLD you if you were eating too much or gaining weight).

And always, ALWAYS have on lipstick.  Even in the end, she insisted on her lipstick.  It was the most awesome thing.  I always wondered why my mom leaves the house with absolutely no makeup on, but insists on her lipstick.  I see that beauty rule was definitely passed on.

Cherish the older women in your life. Listen to all their stories.

Now excuse me while I grab my tube of MAC Ruby Woo.


January 18, 2018 by Christine Reyhons

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