We are students, mothers, wives, teachers, coaches, a team.  We garden, golf, cook, ride horses, remodel homes, bike, speak foreign languages, read books.  We enjoy a good conversation, a cocktail, the sunshine, our families, and each other.  Individually we are awesome, as a unit we are unstoppable. This is us.

Denise at the Ruby Slipper

Denise Hester

Merchant/Denim Specialist

If Denise is not working at the Slipper, she can most likely be found in the bleachers of a sporting facility, cheering on either Sydney or Jack.  Her passion for fashion led our paths to cross, and as they say, the rest is history. 

Signature style: lots of coordinating, stackable bracelets and retro Levis

Kelly at the Ruby Slipper

Kelly Tudeen

Sales Specialist

Think of Kelly as the store cheerleader.  Born and raised in Florida, she has 4 great kids, and is getting ready for graduations, a wedding, as well as balancing the ever-changing needs of the store. 

Signature style: positive attitude and cooler than cool black glasses.

Jane at the Ruby Slipper

Jane Blackman

Visual Merchant/Pinterest Wiz

Jane has been working at The Ruby Slipper since almost the beginning and has been a most dedicated team member.  Jane’s uncanny ability to remember EVERYTHING for the past 25 years, is a most valuable skill around the holidays.  Her smile is infectious. 

Signature style: anything boho, braids, and Crayola color nails.

Hailey at the Ruby Slipper

Hailey Kitzmann

Party Planner/Logistic Assistant/Web Voice

An exercise physiologist by day, Hailey started at The Ruby Slipper to feed her passion for fashion.  She has also proven to have party planning and decorating skills that have come in oh so handy for our store events!  Hailey is recently engaged. 

Signature style: Hailey likes to change up her looks, but boho is one of her favs.

Lora at the Ruby Slipper

Lora Lalla

Operational Heavy/Denim Specialist

Although the newest member of the team, you certainly can’t tell! This girl has cyber skills AND denim magic.  If she is not at school or the Slipper, she just may be remodeling her beautiful home.

Signature style: no fuss, gorgeous long hair and a “collection” of Birkenstocks.

Chris at the Ruby Slipper

Chris Reyhons

Chief Slipperista, owner

The Ruby Slipper is based on everything I have learned through my experiences and great advisors, all 30 years of it. Offer quality merchandise and have the best staff.  

Signature style: a classic button down and everything sneakers