Burlap Bag '9 oz. Soy Candle'


We love anything supporting small these days, and this Austin based candle company is on our FAV list!  We are dabbling in some of our favorite scents for spring or anytime.  All the candles are made from 100% soy beans, and have a 70+hour burn time.  Check out their scents!

  • Cheers From Over Here-  citrusy, sparkling, uplifting (Raise your glasses...From six feet away, of course.)
  • La-La Land- warm vanilla, oak, cedar (So cozy!)
  • Gimme Coffee - espresso, cream, sugar (Gimme all the caffeine)
  • Plant Person - green vines, tomatoes, basil (Fresh and obsessed)
  • Expert Dog Petter- cherry, almond (Is this a candle scent or actually just my resume?)
  • The Bees’s Knees- oatmeal, honey (Everyone loves’s the bee’s knees!)
  • Clean Freak- rosemary and fig (So fresh and so clean!)
  • Baked Bread- delicious, warm, yeasty, buttery bread (Just like mama makes)
  • You're A Wizard- butter beer (Pack your bags for Hogwarts)
  • Cuddles- amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla (Light a fire, pour a glass, and get ready to cuddle)
  • Gobble Gobble- tart cranberry, cinnamon, clove, mandarin orange (It’s turkey time!)
  • I Heart Fall- roasted chestnut, spiced berries, clove, nutmeg (Oh my gourd, I love Fall!)
  • Pumpkin Addict- sweet and slightly spiced pumpkin (The first step is admitting you have a problem...right?)
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater- gingerbread cookie (Fa La La La Love this one!)
  • Someone in Iowa Loves Me- cactus and pear nectar, notes of fresh florals, agave sugar (Ope! Greetings from Iowa!)