Soap & Paper Factory 'Marigold Calendula Bar Soap'

$9.00 $5.00

We love SOAP! Our carefully crafted soaps come in all shapes and sizes and are packed with Shea Butter to keep your skin soft and supple! Gorgeous, modern packaging and a variety of beautiful fragrances make our soap the perfect gift! (And that includes for YOU!)

Marigold Calendula is full of sunshine and loaded with emollient oils to protect your skin. This hearty bar of natural, bubbly soap is great for both tub and basin. It's long-lasting and will keep your skin hydrated as it gently cleanses.

Notes: Cyclamen, Peony & Ylang Ylang

Made in New York, Vegan, and Not tested on animals.

NET WT. 6 OZ. / 170 G